My Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe 💕


So I’ve been feeling down recently (see my last post, it’s been diagnosed now so I’m going to get better) and there is nothing more lovely than making and eating a gloriously moist and gooey chocolate mug cake.

This is my go-to, indulgent but small, favourite chocolate mug cake recipe.

It is adapted from a BBC Good Food version that overflowed my mug and covered my microwave one too many times.

So here goes!

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There’s Something Wrong with Me


I’m not sure how to start this or end this, and the middle part might get a bit fucked up, but here goes.

I think I have an anxiety disorder. Or even depression. I’m not sure yet.

All I know is that I feel sad and lonely, I don’t want to leave my house or my families side (and who can work, meet their true love and make friends with parents in tow 24/7?), I feel hopeless, I have no confidence or if I do it gets knocked so easily, I keep crying and finally I feel guilty for it all.

I have a logical side that says it’s all stupid and irrelevant. But it doesn’t seem to matter. Continue reading

Organic Makeup, WHERE ARE YOU?

So I’ve officially decided that once I move out I’m going Veggie.

Even if I eventually fail and go back, I want to at least try. For my weight, my health and most of all for fun.

Because new is fun.

What I’m not so sure about is going Vegetarian with my makeup.

Where are all the organic makeup brands?

The vegan, cruelty-free gems I hear you speak of?

Apparently they’re all online, and all the Garnier’s, Loreal’s and Rimmel’s of the world exist in some sort of heavenly afterlife, stocking the shelves of all the common makeup stores so that I have no choice but to pine after their non-vegan shininess.

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Thank You, Kim K’s Butt

Recently I discovered a series of photos taken of internet sensation and mother of two, Kim Kardashian, and I was suitably relieved at see cellulite (not that it’s a bad thing, Kim!), wobbly legs and less-than-smooth skin.

It prompted me to save the images, in an act I can only explain as self-indulgence. I can now find these photos whenever I see my own legs and get depressed by all the imperfections. Continue reading

10 Life Goals for 2017

Despite being the middle of the damn year already (Sort of! Where does the time go?), I still have some major goal-achieving to do.

I’ve decided to document my 10 Goals for 2017, right here, right now, so that you know and I know and I can be accountable for achieving them.

I give you permission to shout and scream at me, should I fail to achieve any of them.

It’s okay, I’ll be shouting at myself too.

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